Wrought iron railings can be a beautiful way to add some character to a space. Whether it’s understated simplicity, intricate details, or something in between, each beautiful design adds a unique flair.

Despite this appeal, many people are intimidated by the process of cleaning wrought iron railings, which is necessary to keep them looking their best. In reality, the process is not much more involved than cleaning anything else, and with the use of a few simple tips below, you can keep your wrought iron railings looking in top shape.


First of all, it’s necessary to gather all your cleaning materials. It’s important to remember that wrought iron’s somewhat rough texture means that it collects dust and dirt more quickly than other surfaces may, so a vacuum with an attachment brush is the best tool for this job. Along with this, make sure you have a cleaning rag, mild dish soap, and a small brush (something as simple as a toothbrush would work perfectly). If your wrought iron railings are to the point of rusting, or have paint that is chipping, sandpaper and some touch-up paint will also be necessary.

The Process

Once you have your supplies, get to work with the vacuum. Using a brush attachment, get all the dust and dirt off that you can, making sure to not miss any spots. Then, using a mixture of soap and water, wipe down every surface of the railing. If there are intricate details where your fingers won’t fit, use the toothbrush to scrub them with soapy water. If your railing is in good shape, with no chipping or rusting, simply rinse with clean water and you’re finished!

If there is chipping or painting on your railing, don’t fret. Simply use sandpaper (or a paint scraper, if necessary) to get rid of any loose paint and rust. Always use caution with this, and consider wearing a dust mask and eye protection. Once you’ve scraped off the paint and rust, follow the cleaning steps above to make sure the railing is as spotless as possible before touching it up with paint where necessary. After this, it will be looking as good as new!

With regular cleaning and maintenance, your wrought iron railings will stay in impeccable condition, continuing to be a beautiful addition to any space. And, considering that cleaning is actually a fairly easy process, nobody should be intimidated about getting them!

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In fact, perhaps the harder task will be picking out which wrought iron railings to install in the first place. If you are contemplating purchasing wrought iron railings, turn to Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction to ensure you are getting the best option for your space. We guarantee  you will be satisfied with your wrought iron railings, and if you follow the tips above, you can make sure they’ll stay looking great for a long time!

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