About Us 

Joe Lamacchia Landscaping is a full service asphalt and hardscaping company since 1981. We have added value to thousands of homes through fully built driveways, patios, walkways, decorative walls and many other projects involving asphalt, stone and brick. Joe Lamacchia is a one-stop shop for homeowners outdoor home needs including design and full installation. We do not outsource our projects. You will be working with actual Joe Lamacchia employees and usually with Joe himself.

Joe Lamacchia Landscaping was started by Joe  in 1981.

In 1992, Joe started P.A.S.S. This is a program for Parents Against Secondhand Smoke. This initiative caught the eye of networks such as CNN and CBS and was featured on their show, Good Morning America.

In 2007, he came out with a book called Blue Collar and Proud of It. It is a practical guide for kids, young adults, and parents interested in the trades. As they say, school isn’t for everyone. This helps people realize that there are many other successful routes in life that don’t necessarily include college. The book provides commentary and concrete examples of how working in a skilled trade is dignified, can lead to high personal satisfaction, and of course, can be very profitable. This book is an “all-in-one resource for finding freedom, financial success, and the security outside the cubicle.” This book can be found wherever books are sold and on Amazon.com.  Joe has been asked to speak at high schools to enlighten young minds on the opportunities that await them in the workforce. He has also been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, and USA Today.

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