Unappealing potholes and wear and tear to your asphalt could lead to your parking lot becoming an unsafe place for civilians to walk and drive their vehicles. Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction works with dozens of different industries repairing parking lots including churches. Churches are filled with cars that come go on a consistent basis. Make sure your church goes are safe and build them a parking lot that can last 20+ years.

Parking Lot Asphalt Services

When we repave your church parking lot our, goal is to leave you with a smoother and safer surface. We want civilians coming to and from church to feel comfortable driving and parking in your parking lot no matter what time of year it is.

Why You Should Invest in Fixing Your Parking Lot

Potholes and road tear are both unappeal can be a serious hazard to a parking lot. They are caused by water seeping into the cracks of your pavement, freezing when the weather gets below 32 degrees. When cars drive over it, the spot begins to weaken to a point when it begins to cave in. We also see this happen when the water expands once the frozen water thaws out. Don’t let potholes be the downfall of your church parking lot and result in potential hazardous situations, call Joe Lamacchia to get them fixed!

Joe Lamacchia Commercial Parking Lot Services

If you are looking to repave your church parking lot, call Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction at 617-924-2327!

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