Picture yourself driving down the road and BOOM you hit a pothole. You asking yourself, “Where did that come from?” because you’ve driven down the road hundreds of times before and never had an issue. Unfortunately, potholes can appear almost anywhere and are a common occurrence on older roads and parking lots. They can lead to serious damage to your vehicle if you do not take precaution when driving over them. Let’s take a closer look at how potholes are formed and what else may be contributing factors

What Causes Potholes to Form?

Potholes are formed when water seeps into the cracks in pavement and asphalt. The water expands inside the pavement or asphalt as it freezes creating a weak patch. When cars start to drive over the weak patch, you can begin to see it warp and create a hole in the road.

We also see this happen when ice and snow begin to melt during the spring. Once temperatures rise high enough to melt the frozen underground, the freeze-thaw cycle begins making the ground weak.

What Role Does Salt Play?

Road Salt is commonly used to help break down ice and snow during the winter so that roads are drivable. Unfortunately, that same salt is also responsible for making potholes. The salt lowers the freezing point of water down to around 15 degrees which makes it harder to freeze and easier to thaw out. For example, normal water will stay frozen from 15 to 17 degrees but water infused with salt will freeze at 15 degrees but not at 17. This causes the salt water to go through an above-average freeze-thaw cycle, causing pavement and asphalt to weaken more than normal.

What is the Best Solution to Repair Potholes?

Time is a big factor when dealing with potholes. The longer they go undetected or unfilled, the higher chance they have at expanding through wear and tear or going through another freeze-thaw cycle.

It’s important that the right materials are used to repair potholes or the road/parking lot is entirely redone to ensure potholes do not form again.

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