Patios and decks are both popular options for adding to your home’s outdoor space. Both can be great places to entertain outside your home and extend your home’s natural entertaining spaces. A beautiful new deck or patio can make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood, and it can quickly become your favorite part of your home. Homeowners may be overwhelmed by the options out there, so we wrote this blog to help break down the differences between decks and patios to help you decide which would be ideal for your home and situation.

The Key Differences

The main difference between patios and decks is that they patios are built on the ground level as an extension of your home, while decks are raised and require some sort of support, which sometimes leads them to be attached to a home. For this reason, patios are typically built on land with more even ground, and decks are built on hilly or more bumpy yards. Decks are typically bolder and the main feature of outdoor space, while patios complement and add to the existing space. 

Function & Fashion

There are so many different styles and options when it comes to both decks and patios, and options range from materials to color, and more. The current setup of your backyard is important to take into account as well. If your backyard has an in-ground pool, a patio is probably a better option for you, but if you have a hilly yard with potential for tremendous views, an elevated deck could be optimal. 


One of the largest differences between decks and patios exists at the maintenance level. Wooden decks offer a beautiful, warm look, but without the proper maintenance, they aren’t likely to stay that way for very long. You will need to treat your deck with water repellant and stain to keep it looking nice and fresh season in and season out. With patios, maintenance is almost none, depending on the style of the patio, you may have to pull the stray weed (pavers) or simply just have to hose away any dirt. 


The upfront cost for decks is typically more than it is for patios, this partially has to do with the additional labor to raise a deck off of ground level. Patios are relatively low-cost but no cheap-looking. They can be customized to be more luxurious with outdoor kitchens or fireplaces and feature many different types of stone and brick.

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