At a recent customers house in Belmont, Massachusetts, the Joe Lamacchia Landscape team was shocked by a discovery. After being called to give an estimate we quickly realized the poor job done by the previous asphalt contractor. There are tried and true ways to complete an asphalt drive way. It was clear that the previous crew either did not know the proper way to build a driveway, or they choose to ignore it.

Below a very thin top layer of asphalt, we lay a foundation of base material. While many foundations are built this way, there was hardly any asphalt laid for this job. On top of that, they surface was not leveled out. These two conditions combined with wear and tear over time resulted in these homeowners needing a new asphalt drive way years before they should have.



While it is disappointing to see this type of work being done, there are some contractors out there that will cut corners to save money for themselves, while costing the homeowner money down the line.

Want to make sure you avoid this same disaster these Belmont homeowners did? Get in touch with Joe Lamacchia Landscape. We have completed over 2,300 new driveway jobs over the years and we never cut corners or skip important steps. We lay an honest 3.5 inches on asphalt down for new driveways, which under the right care, will last over 20 years.

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