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At Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction, our team is proud to serve the town of Sudbury with our paving, hardscaping services & more. Sudbury is a Middlesex County town that is a Boston suburb located in the MetroWest region. The town is home to about 18,000 residents and one of the most beautiful places to live in the entire state. The town was incorporated in 1639. So there is so much history strewn throughout Sudbury. Today, there are so many breathtaking homes in Sudbury. Contact our team to get started on a landscaping or paving project today.


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Asphalt Hardscaping | Construction | Wrought Iron Railings


Hardscaping Services & Masonry Services in Sudbury MA

The exterior of your home is just as important as the exterior of your home. Don’t forget about your outdoor space when it comes time to remodel your home. At Joe Lamacchia, we specialize in hardscaping to help shape the yards of our clients. Hardscaping consists of walkways, patios, staircases, retaining walls & more.

The design aspect of hardscaping is just as important as construction. We work with many different materials for our hardscaping projects. From the front to the back of your home, we help make your landscaping look neat and your outdoor space navigatable. Contact our team at Joe Lamacchia today to learn more about our hardscaping services in Sudbury.


Landscape Construction Services in Sudbury MA

Our business began long ago, specializing in creating beautiful landscapes for homeowners. We still take great pride in creating picturesque scenery around a home. In addition to our construction of retaining walls, we also help create scenery with shrubs, bushes, and beautiful lawns. We can create the outdoor space of your dreams at Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction in Sudbury. 

Wrought Iron Railings in Sudbury, MA

Building staircases is a huge part of our business, and railings are a huge part of staircase construction. So we also design and weld wrought iron railings to go along with the projects that we complete. Railings help support and make a deck, walkway, or staircase much safer while adding some personality to it.


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In addition to the services that we mentioned, we also offer paving services to residents in Salisbury. We can help make your driveway neat looking again and repair it. Our paving services include sidewalks, private roads, parking lots, basketball courts, and more. We always start with preparing the site, making sure that it’s set for a long-lasting application of concrete or asphalt. Our paving jobs last over ten years, even in the tough New England weather. Reach out to our team in Sudbury, MA, to learn more about the paving services that we offer.

You can reach us at 617-924-2327 or using our online contact form.