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Our team at Joe Lammachia Landscaping is proud to serve the town of Norwood with our asphalt, concrete, paving, and hardscaping services. Norwood is a town located in Norfolk County that is part of the Greater Boston area. The Neponset River runs through the town and goes all the way into Boston. Many residents of Norwood also commute to Boston for work. There are many beautiful homes in the town that is home to about 33,000 residents. We’ve worked in Norwood for many years. Contact us today if you’re a resident of Norwood in need of our paving or hardscaping services.


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Asphalt Services Norwood MA

One of the best materials out there for driveways and outdoor surfaces is asphalt because of its ability to last long in New England. With asphalt, you can create a clean looking landscape in your yard and provide a place for you to park your car and space for guests. At Joe Lamacchia, we work with both home and business owners on their driveways to design and create a space to welcome visitors. Potholes, especially in your businesses’ driveway, can detour visitors. Contact us today if you’re in Norwood and need a long-lasting driveway installed or a patch repair done.


Hardscaping Services Norwood MA

Hardscaping has to do with patios, stairs, walkways, and other non-living elements on your home’s outdoor space. They help make your home easier to navigate as well, making it safe to move around. Faulty steps or walkways can cause slips and falls, so they’re essential to repair before the damage gets worse. Patios are one of the top hardscaping projects requested from our team because they allow you to extend your living space outside and make the most of the New England summers. In addition to patios, we also build stairs from brick, flagstone, pavers, and more. Reach out to us today if you want your outdoor space transformed.


Outdoor Construction Services Norwood MA

We’re experts at making outdoor spaces both functional and beautiful. Our team at Joe Lamacchia has your home’s whole outdoor space covered with our hardscaping, paving services & more. We also design and build iron-wrought railings for all of the staircases that we build. We’ve got close to 50 years experience in the industry, which allows us to build any type of yard because we have seen it all. Contact our team in Norwood today to get started. You can reach us at 617-924-2327 or using our online contact form.



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