Having a pool is an extraordinary bonus to any home, especially during the summertime. But often, pool owners like to have more privacy around their swimming pool from neighbors and passersby. This blog includes some great tips on adding privacy to your pool area, both big and small. 

Install a Fence

Probably the most popular way that anyone increases the privacy of their yard is with a fence. Fences can be made of tons of different materials and come in a huge range of styles. The trick is to naturally incorporate your fence and help it blend into the rest of the space, creating a more aesthetically pleasing look. As an added security bonus, fences also keep your children and pets in sight and safe around the pool. 


For those who don’t want to build a fence and want more natural privacy, hedges are a perfect option. Many hedge plants grow up to 15ft tall or more, so they’re able to provide you with a lush wall of protection. Hedges provide a perfect blend of function and also decoration. You can even find hedges that will sprout fruit and flowers.

Plant Trees

Trees are another great way to create privacy and add to the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Now you’re probably thinking, I don’t have 20 years for this tree to grow. So if you don’t plan on spending the rest of your life at your home, potted bamboo trees are a great option. They can still provide you with the coverage you need without waiting for the trees to mature. Bamboo also creates a nice island vibe in your outdoor space.

Tiered Garden

With the construction of a retaining wall, you can build an elevated garden to increase your privacy. It’s a beautiful and more vibrant way to add protection. Shrubs are great but can be a little plain looking when they aren’t flowering. With a tiered garden created by a retaining wall, you can mix flowers and shrubbery to can create an oasis-like feel in your outdoor space. Reach out to a landscape construction expert to make sure that this project comes out looking great. 


Pergolas are an excellent addition to any outdoor area, especially ones with a pool. They provide you with shade from the sun and give your space another feature besides your pool. Pergolas have curtains so you can have even more privacy when you want. Plants and vines can also be incorporated into your pergola to help bring out your space’s natural beauty.

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