Paver Patios & Paver Walkways: Pavers are the way to go as they are durable and easy to lay out! They became popular in the late 1990s but have been prominent in England for hundreds of years. They are made of pressed concrete with a color pigment.

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Paver Driveways: A stunning entrance to your home! Nothing compares to a paver driveway which adds a ton of curb appeal to your property. Since pavers are made using pressed concrete they can support the weight of cars and small trucks. Just like with any driveway, it is all about the base and how it is compacted. With the correct sub-base, compaction, and experience your paver driveway will last as long, or longer than traditional asphalt or concrete.

Interlocking Retaining Walls: Retaining walls are used to secure and hold back the soil behind it, preventing erosion and other issues from infringing on your yard. These can also be added to your yard for visual purposes, creating a more aesthetically pleasing look for the area around your home. As with pavers, retaining walls became popular in the mid-1990s. A great product, these are simple and quick to build. They are strong, neat, and sharp-looking, and are a good alternative to a classic New England stone wall. Learn more about retaining walls.

Cobblestone Borders & Driveway Entrances: With that old European look, cobblestones are great attention grabbers and are typically placed at the entrance of your driveway. They really give that fantastic old-world look. We also install cobblestones along the left and right borders of a driveway to truly make the area look amazing!

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These jobs include all types of patios (including patios for swimming pools), walkways, stairs and stairways, and specialty driveways. They can be done with either stone, brick, and/or pavers of all different styles and designs.

Stairways: We have done many over the last 39 years. We jackhammer the old staircase to break it up and start to rebuild immediately. We put a cement block in the structure then some sort of stone riser to begin the stairs. These could be bricks, fieldstone, limestones, and sometimes even granite. The most popular is the blue stone – nothing beats that new bluestone look! I have had the same Mason, Hector, for over 25 years who manages these projects and brings a ton of knowledge and experience to each job.

Stone walls: We have done many stone walls throughout the years and typically use New England antique stone. Your property can have a very New England look in just about a week!

Bluestone Walkways & Patios: Again, bluestone is a fantastic look and adds value to your home. Whether a front walk or a back patio, it’s an excellent choice, a real conversation piece, and an overall great place to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

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Asphalt Paving

Driveways: Over the past 20 years of asphalt paving, I have learned almost nothing creates more curb appeal than a new driveway. Yes, that front lawn looking green and groomed does too but, coming from customers and hearing many Realtors over the years,  making sure the driveway is up to par is key. Paving removes all cracks, holes, and grass in your driveway and truly cleans up the entire property. We have done thousands of driveways and I have had the same men on the crew for 10, 15, and even 20 years.

Parking Lots: We do about 5-10 commercial parking lots each year for businesses like gas stations or banks. These are 2-3-day jobs and we use a road mix so they can be driven on almost immediately.

Private Roads: We do about 5-10 of these each season. They are mostly done as topcoats when we go over the old road.  We do a 2-inch-thick layer of H.M.A hot mix asphalt. A topcoat on a private road will usually last about 8-14 years and they come out beautiful.

Sidewalks: We also occasionally pave the city or town walk across the front of the house. We topcoat mostly a 15-inch thick layer over a bed of new asphalt as it makes the property look neat and clean. Contact your local DPW department in your town to ask them first to do that asphalt for you.

Basketball Courts: Yes we do basketball courts! I have done many in backyards giving kids a place to play instead of going to the school or park. This can be very convenient for the homeowner. Please check in with your town to see if you can do this first as sometimes, they don’t like the added asphalt.

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Wrought Iron Railings

Stairway Railings & Walkway Railings: Wrought iron railings are one of our newer services which we began providing in 2017. I have a fantastic welder who builds all the railings. These can be added to a variety of masonry projects including stone stairways, which provide safety and are overall visually pleasing. Our expert welder will assess your needs and design the railings just as you’d like!

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Landscape Construction

Shrubs and trees: I was planting shrubs and trees long before masonry, hardscaping, and asphalt paving. I loved it and I still do. In just one day, we can remove the shrubs in front of the home and replant new ones. The most popular are azaleas, rhododendrons, rose of sharon, and evergreens, but there are many different things you can plant to make the area look fuller overall.

Sod Lawns: You CAN have a beautiful green lawn in just one day! We have done thousands and know the ins and outs of installing the perfect lawn. I highly recommend investing in an irrigation system to provide the necessary watering to extend the life of your sod lawns.


Drainage systems

Catch Basin: When there is a small water problem in the driveway, we can install a small catch basin to give the water a place to go. Usually about 2’x2’ deep, the basin is filled with stone and covered with durable plastic or steel.

Drywells: For major water problems in the driveway, a drywell can be installed. Sized anywhere from 500 to 1,000 gallons, these give the water a place to go. These are made of precast concrete from E.F. Shea in Wilmington, MA.  We use an excavator to dig a large hole, install the drywell, set a steel grate on top, and pave around it.

Line Drains: A line drain is used across the front of the garage usually to catch any water from entering the garage. It then has a connecting pipe on the end to run the water away from the home. If conditions are tight, we can build a small drywell and catch the water to help it go underground.