Masonry Staircase Construction

One of our top requested services at Joe Lammachia Landscape Construction is masonry staircase construction. We design and build staircases from brick, limestone, fieldstone, granite, and bluestone. The solutions that we design for our clients are all custom to fit their homes.

Steps and staircases are a focal point of any home’s exterior. They help you get in and out of your home safely but also give you an opportunity to show off your style. We work in both the front and back of homes. Our team is experienced in building front steps to create a welcoming and convenient entryway for you and your guests. We also build patios with steps attached to complete the build.

Staircase Repair Services

Repair is a huge part of our business. We often take old, broken steps and transform then into a beautiful, new useful set. Sometimes only a smaller repair is needed. Our team at Joe Lammacchia can seamlessly repair your steps and have them performing better than they were before. No matter the job, large or small, we can take a look and make a recommendation on either a repair or rebuild.

Masonry Staircase Materials

Bluestone Steps: The most popular material that we work with is bluestone because of it’s a blueish gray hue and clean surface that fits great in New England. It can be used in all different applications and scenarios.

Granite Steps: One of the more upscale options for homeowners today is granite. Everyone loves it in kitchens, but it’s durable and perfect for the outdoors as well. We offer multiple colors and patterns.

Brick Steps: Brick is a traditionally used material in Newton and the surrounding areas. We offer classic but also modern brick options and colors. Our flawless installation will keep them lasting long, too. 

Limestone Steps: The biggest strength of limestone is its versatility. It looks excellent for concrete style stoops. A grayish look and smooth finish make limestone a great option.

We have done many over the last 39 years. We jackhammer the old staircase to break it up and start to rebuild immediately. We put a cement block in the structure then some sort of stone riser to begin the stairs. These could be bricks, fieldstone, limestones, and sometimes even granite. The most popular is the blue stone – nothing beats that new bluestone look! I have had the same Mason, Hector, for over 25 years who manages these projects and brings a ton of knowledge and experience to each job.

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