Patio UpgradesWith the weather slowly picking back up, homeowners will start wondering what they can do to spruce up their backyard and patio again for the Spring. Here are some exciting patio updates you can make to get yourself started.

New Furniture.

If you are stuck with old plastic patio furniture, it is time for an upgrade. Make this part of your home your go-to place to read books and hang out by investing in warmer outdoor-friendly pillows, benches, and tables. Many of the pieces are waterproof materials which are more durable throughout any season.

Add a Fire Pit.

There’s nothing more romantic or cozy than adding a fire pit to entertain your guests outdoors under the stars. Fire pits are easily installed and can be custom designed to maintain its aesthetic look of your landscape. A fire pit can be the perfect fit that your home is missing.

Professional Landscape and Hardscape Design for your home.

Joe Lamacchia Landscape has been the leading contractor here in Newton since 1981! We can safely say that we know what we are doing. Our team at Joe Lamacchia Landscape are experienced and knowledgeable in what they do, we have the up to date tools to help beautify your yard all year around. For more information about our Landscape and Hardscape services get in touch and contact us at 1-617-924-2327 for a free consultation.