Doing an exterior project to your home adds value, as well as curb appeal. Most people wait until they are planning to sell their home to make any alterations to the home, in hopes of increasing their profit.

However, if you invest in an addition of a sport court, you and your family can enjoy it now, and it adds value when you decide to sell your home. 

Why Sport Courts are Great 

The installation of a sport court will not only add value to your home, but the extra element of fun and excitement will be enjoyed by the entire family. A backyard sport court will not only bring you years of fun, excitement, and fond memories, but it will also improve the value of your home in the following ways:

·        Eco-Friendly Addition: Homeowners are more looking for ways to make their backyard more environmentally friendly, such as less water usage. Because sport courts take up space in the yard, they help you use less water.

·        Multiple Uses: If you are unsure if you want a basketball court, there are options for multi-sport courts. These allow you to bring an entire athletic complex to your home in your own backyard. You are able to add game lines and designs. Convert your court between basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more!

·        Save on Landscaping: Sport courts can be designed to both complement and enhance your landscape. Depending on the size you choose, it may take up enough of your yard that it lowers the amount that needs maintained. So, having a sport court can help lower your need for lawn maintenance.

·        Enjoy Less Maintenance: Having something such as a pool will help add value to your home, it requires expensive and intense maintenance. However, sport courts are resistant to mold buildup and are easy to maintain. Cleaning leaves and power washing debris and dirt is all the maintenance a sport court requires. 

Among the many ways that a sport court will enhance your home, it will also enhance your family just as much. If you have a sports court, you will be able to soak up more memories with your kids, family, and friends. Even better, the multi-game sport court is way more than just basketball. It offers more than eight family-friendly sports and games! 

With a sport court, kids get off their phones and video games and get on the court. It is a great way to play together and stay active together as a family. 

When you decide that you are ready to sell your home, the easy maintenance and durability of the sport court will certainly add value to your home. Contact our team at Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction today.