Spring is the ideal time to work on outdoor projects and if your business’ parking lot needs a facelift, what better time to get it done. Fixing potholes will not only enhance the parking space but also protect cars and their owners, pedestrians, property owners who can find themselves dealing with liability issues in the case of an injury. Whether the potholes and large or small, or a mixed bag, they are never good to have around and should be remedied immediately. Here is a look at some of the reasons that your business should replace its parking lot potholes this spring season. 

Avoid Vehicle Damage

Potholes and vehicles are not friends and for good reason. No one wants to be driving and hear a wheel on their vehicle dip in any size pothole, especially when driving at a high speed. Potholes can cause serious damage to cars; the tires, rims, suspension, exhaust, and bumpers or side skirts are all parts of a vehicle that can be damaged from landing in a pothole. The last thing any driver needs is an immobile car and to be stuck with costly car repairs and replacement. 

Limit the Risk of Injuries

While potholes can damage your vehicle, they can also be a hazard that can cause serious physical injury. This can happen to pedestrians, drivers, and passengers who might not immediately see the danger when they are getting out of their vehicle or walking on the pavement of a parking lot. People can trip over potholes, or accidentally steps into potholes and the result can be a sprained ankle or an awkward fall that causes serious bodily damage, such as a hip fracture.

Prevent Bottleneck

Commercial paving can get rid of bottlenecks in your parking lot that can be caused by potholes. Too many potholes in your parking lot, particularly ones that are wide and deep could lead to traffic congestion in and around your business’ parking lot. Bottlenecks are especially common during rush hour and peak times and can cause an increase in fender benders, unhappy drivers and unwanted complaints. This problem could also lead customers to consider using another parking lot. 

Enhance Curb Appeal

A parking lot that is in great condition, functional and hindrance-free helps to enhance curb appeal. A nice-looking parking lot can increase the value of adjoining business properties and can make an awesome first impression and even give the property a finishing touch to complete the look. All in all, a property with a pothole-free parking lot that is well maintained will likely improve in value.  

Joe Lamacchia

Potholes are a nuisance in any space, and in a parking lot, they can cause serious harm to pedestrians and can damage vehicles. They can also drive down the value of a property. For your asphalt paving job, consider commercial paving services by Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction and dependable paving company that can make your parking lot safe and appealing.