If you are looking to start welding yourself, there are many things to consider first before getting started. We want to share these three common mistakes inexperienced welders make drives poor performances and unhappy clients.

Not knowing how to control the heat.

When it comes to welding procedure, no matter what type it may be, whether it is tig, mig, arc or oxyacetylene welding, heat control, and penetration should be controlled at a steady pace. For thicker steel, an experienced welder will work on adding more weld beads to ensure the workpiece is secure as possible. Since you’re very new to the game and most likely not know what kind of penetration your welds are getting on the metal, the best way to test the strength of your workpiece is using the “break test.” This means by placing your practice piece on a vice and giving it a good hit with a hammer will allow you to see how secure your weld really is. If it breaks with little effort will tell you that you have a cold weld.

Not properly cleaning.

Whatever you do, do not weld on painted, dirty, or rusted metal. This is a big no-no. It is essential to clean up the metal either grinding off the rust, paint, oil, and other lint before starting on a weld bead. Careless precautions will result in weakening the welds because of the rust, paint, dirt, and any dust will take away heat from the actual surface of the metal and the weld.


When you begin welding you may come across many tools and equipment that you have never seen or used before. One thing is for sure; safety should be always on your mind and come first as it is easy to harm your body through careless mistakes and preparation. It’s critical and smart to be overly prepared than under, as ultralight or heavy sparks can cause some severe damages if you are not protected from head to toe.

We take welding seriously, some may think it is a natural hobby to take on, but we don’t. One mistake can cost you dearly. That’s why at Joe Lamacchia, we make sure we are up-to-date with our tools and knowledge by staying active with classes to ensure that our clients receive the best services available in Massachusetts. To learn more about our welding services, please feel free to get in touch and call us at 617-924-2327!