At Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction we opened a welding division within the last year. After struggling to find reliable and professional welding services for years, the decision was made to bring the quality of service we are known for with asphalt and hardscaping to the welding industry. The response to our service in the MetroWest has been great.

Benefits of Welding Services for Contractors

Some of the happiest customers so far that have benefits from our welding service is local contractors. There are many ways contractors utilize welding to help make their lives easier. Here are a few jobs we’ve already completed for our welding customers in the MetroWest area:

Tool Boxes: A local contractor wanted a utility tool box welded to the bottom of his work truck for easy access during jobs. The customer was very satisfied saying:

“He gave me a quote, and I made an appointment.  It was achieved in perfection. A very solid frame holding the toolbox I supplied – it can easily hold all the weight and then some as well as being easily accessible – not an easy job since it had to be offset by about 2ft to make that happen”

Cab Guards/Back Racks: Any one that drive or uses a pick-up truck and uses it to haul goods or tools knowns this fear. Somehow something hitting the rear cab window and cracking or breaking it. Our welding service can help contractors or any truck owner with this issue by building custom cab guards for our customers. These are also referred to as back racks sometimes.

Hitches: Does your truck or van not come with tow hitch? Joe Lamacchia’s welding division provides welding of tow hitches for contractors or anyone who wants to equip their vehicle with towing capabilities.

Looking for a quality welding service in Newton, Watertown, or the MetroWest? Look no further. Joe Lamacchia Landscape Construction is now the go to provider for commercial and residential welding services. Contact us today to discuss your project.