For decades, wrought iron has been a popular material used for railings, and you can see it everywhere as balconies, fences, and exterior stair railings. They’re an aesthetically appealing choice, while also being a sensible and durable option. Although wrought iron railings are not the most inexpensive material, their advantages are enormous compared to cheaper materials such as steel. Timber is often used to construct balcony railings, but this can quickly be the target of decay or woodworm. Glass is another common option for balcony balustrades, but this needs a considerable amount of maintenance to help preserve its integrity.

Nevertheless, wrought iron requires quite low-maintenance and can endure all weather conditions, making it a perfect option for exterior stair railing and balconies that will be open to varied weather conditions. The following are reasons why wrought iron stair railings are increasing in prominence and how they have risen to become one of today’s most highly regarded materials.


Wrought iron can remarkably last for a very long time. It is close to impossible to bend or break after forming, so it is aesthetic and resilient. It is fully weatherproof, apart from the risk of rust. Many people prefer wrought iron as it requires such minor maintenance; it can last a lifetime and still remain just as beautiful as the day it was installed.


Irrespective of its toughness and robustness, wrought iron is extremely pliable once created, implying that professional crafters can do anything with it. This makes it perfect for blacksmiths to work with, and those who want a personalized touch also explore it. Wrought iron can be customized easily or molded into a wide range of styles from elegant to rustic.

Great Value

While wrought iron is not the most inexpensive material you might use for exteriors and railings, it provides you with excellent value for the money during its lifetime. Wrought iron’s low-maintenance characteristics and reliability make it a cost-effective alternative. This ensures that you would not have to pay for regular repairs or any other maintenance fees that you might incur with other materials that aren’t as durable.

Timeless Appearance

Wrought iron has been in use for centuries, and its attraction has never been known to wear off. This is probably because of its flexibility, thanks to the previously-mentioned malleability. Wrought iron fences, staircase railings, gates, etc., will provide a lasting aesthetic for your home that will never go out of style.

Price Comparison

Although many individuals can see the price of wrought iron as a drawback, wrought iron is generally very budget-friendly if you realize the lengthy advantages. It will not deform or break, unlike smaller metals and timber, and will not need to be replaced after weather and wear due to aging. You will stop having to deal with replacement or repairs every couple of years and expensive maintenance with a one-time investment.

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